Meet Leslie Baer

Leslie Martel Baer MS, MA, founder, Energy Intersections [photo]

Leslie Martel Baer MS, MA

  • Strategic energy management consultant experienced in energy planning and programs
  • Service-oriented team leader, working across internal, client, cross-functional, and international teams of 3–8 members
  • Experienced energy strategist in planning, policy, and implementation
    • Renewable heating and cooling: solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, CHP
    • Renewable generation: solar photovoltaic, wind, and hydro
    • Energy efficiency: lighting, building performance, manufacturing operations
    • Energy and power markets, credit trading, and financial incentives
    • Electric and gas utilities, including regulation, distributed generation, and grid modernization
  • Detail-oriented project manager and program manager, subscribing to an agile management style
  • Outstanding writer, presenter, and verbal communicator able to educate and persuade stakeholders

Please find links to my LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Facebook at right. I look forward to connecting with you.

Examples of Past Work

My strengths are strategic analysis and planning, influencing and communications, which translate into a variety of business functions: strategic planning, program development and implementation, and project management. Below are a few examples of past and present clients and the types of activities I engaged in with them. Please also see the Energy Intersections Blog for a broad spectrum of articles.

GCI Management

  • Develop and support go-to-market and operations strategies for technical German-speaking companies establishing or growing their American markets (e.g., green agriculture and clean energy)
  • Manage program budgets
  • Translate technical documents for American markets

Antares Group, Inc

  • Support development of RFP responses to government agencies for energy planning consulting
  • Consulted on research, data collection, and data maintenance strategy for a statewide inventory of customer-sited systems: PV, wind, hydro, solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, and storage
  • Developed data collection strategy for documenting permitting requirements across jurisdictions
  • Managed stakeholder relationships, including utility, permitting and regulatory agency relationships

Colorado Energy Office

  • Researched a statewide, self-sustaining program to capture available capital (from federal and private resources) for the installation of solar thermal heating systems to replace more expensive fuels:
    • Collaborated with REAs and other utilities
    • Tested multiple business models, including supply chain, installation and warranty consideration, financing, customer acquisition, and program administration
  • Program manager for team of 5, responsible for schedules and budgets
  • Created automated data collections tools for Greening Government initiative; gather and analyze building performance data; develop systematized report templates

Colorado Department of Agriculture

  • Responsible for strategic plan development in deploying up to 6 renewable heating and cooling technologies across 12 agricultural sectors; agile-style management of team, budgets and schedules

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association

  • Led and participate in the development of multiple successful RFI and RFP responses
  • Founding team member for the Colorado Solar Thermal Roadmap, supporting the development of multiple financial models and multi-decade market scenarios for growth of the industry

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

  • Developed a local clean energy policy guide, collecting data from over 40 entities and developing an accessible format for public access to information regarding clean energy policies across the state
  • Key member of Senator Schwartz’s Ad Hoc Energy group, which designed state energy policies with the goal of reducing carbon emissions statewide

Rave Reviews

Leslie has an incredible ability to digest and synthesize information of relevance and to communicate it in a logical, compelling way. With her ability to think ahead, she was able to foresee potential roadblocks before they occurred to others and to propose multiple innovative—yet pragmatic—options for overcoming challenges.  This rare combination of traits makes her not only an excellent analyst but also an effective manager and communicator.
—Camilo Lopez, Operations Officer, The World Bank

[Leslie has the] ability to quickly learn new subjects and lead diverse stakeholders to converge on a unifying vision.
—Francisco Flores-Espino, Energy Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratories

As a professional in the energy industry, Ms. Baer regularly thinks “outside of the box” and offers new, innovative approaches, foresees stumbling blocks and develops very effective work-arounds. I have witnessed her develop very simple, yet effective policy inclusions that solved many problems during our policy development strategies. In addition, Ms. Baer is very adept in producing financial and performance analyses, and preparing them in presentations that are simple enough for any stakeholder to understand. Lastly, she is a fantastic mediator in very contentious situations, helping the team to maintain open minds and effectively engage participants from multiple sectors, each with their own individual interests in the project.
—Joel Popper, Director of Business Development, Microgrid Energy

Leslie is a wonderful person to work with and was a crucial member to the success of our team. She keeps an open mind and finds the best solutions to any problem. Her creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to all projects increased the quality of our work tremendously.
—McKenzie Kirkpatrick, Rocky Mountain Regional Manager, Gavilon




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