ANTARES Report Published on Colorado Energy Office Website

Colorado Customer-Sited Energy Study_0_001Earlier this year, on behalf of the Colorado Energy Office, ANTARES Group published a study of energy systems sited with energy customers rather than utilities across Colorado. In other words, ANTARES inventoried distributed energy systems.

This study also inventoried permitting requirements for customer-sited energy systems across the state—a “home rule” state where each jurisdiction determines its requirements for such systems. Finally, the study developed a proposed protocol for incorporating data regarding such systems in MLS database.

This effort brought to light several key issues regarding the tracking of energy producing and storing systems that sit with energy consumers, including:

  • Because these systems (particularly of certain types of technologies) may be under or inconsistently documented, they may be contributing more to state economies that current estimates suggest.
  • Data regarding this systems are held by a variety of entities—particularly in a home rule state, such as Colorado—including all structures of utilities, regulatory bodies and jurisdictions such as counties and municipalities.
  • There are relatively straight-forward processes for centralizing the location of data regarding these systems, such as through a data product like the MLS.

As Christopher Lindsey of ANTARES Group noted, “The importance of this work is that the baseline data will be useful in cataloging and characterizing the long-term performance of small-scale renewable energy systems across the Colorado. In the future, ANTARES believes that the data collection and analytical methods developed are broadly applicable to jurisdictions across the United States. ANTARES is engaging state energy offices across the country to complete similar assessments. Look for more reports to come in the near future.”

Leslie Martel Baer of Energy Intersections was pleased to contribute to this effort.

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