Broncos Fan Consolation: The Stadium is Green

crowd-240Okay, so the Broncos aren’t in it. (To be honest, I’ve been busy and I’m feeling rather ambivalent about football culture, so I haven’t been paying attention anyway.)

But, at least we Coloradans can cheer that the big event is taking place in the most energy efficient stadium in the league. What, you didn’t know Coloradans are (almost) as passionate about energy efficiency as about the Broncos?

Of course we are! Colorado was recently ranked the 9th most energy efficient state in the nation. And, like most Western states, we are an energy industry hub, with the most energy jobs being in energy efficiency.

So, my fellow “all-things-energy” nerds, we can spend the big game reveling in the details of the new U.S. Bank Stadium, as enumerated for us in a recent ACEEE blog:

  • Energy saving roof with daylighting and snow management;
  • Solar thermal heating that also pumps in cool air in the summer (one of my favorites, as this approach is one of the most missed energy-saving opportunities in northern climate buildings);
  • energy efficient motors
  • LED lighting (first in the league!)

usbs1As a Coloradan, you really do have to be impressed, or at least pleased, that this is the direction such cultural monuments are taking. Plus, the thing is darn cool looking. Makes me want to find a Minnesotan to hug.

So, during the extravagance and excess of that game party you may find yourself at, you can at least toss off enthusiastic tid-bits about this LEED Gold facility, even if the game itself leaves you… politely disinterested. You’ll seem like less of a party pooper. And, you can always root for the Eagles. Because, really: what’s the alternative?

The alternative might be to go cross country skiing. See you on Shock Hill… if there is any snow.

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