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Energy Industry Strategy

Energy Intersections offers strategic energy management consulting. We provide a a variety of services related to energy strategy, planning and development and have a broad spectrum of professional specialists and subject matter experts so that we can staff your projects with just the right expertise. Let us provide you with:

  • Energy Strategy Development & Implementation:
    • Strategic visioning & strategy process development
    • Current energy portfolios & policy assessment
    • Analyze multiple scenarios, including financial/economic analysis
    • Recommendations for near- and long-term action
    • Support RFP development and response
  • Energy Program Development & Management:
    • Design research & program plans
    • RFP development & response
    • Project & program management
    • Develop & implement data collection strategies
    • Policy & regulatory analysis & management
    • Manage reporting & messaging
  • Energy Ambassadors to your C-Suite, Customers, Clients, the Public and Other Stakeholders:
    • Translate energy strategy & program into bottom-line impacts
    • Target energy decision impacts to greatest areas of concern
  • Energy-Related Content & Presentations: Making the Complex Accessible & Motivating!
    • Superbly designed & written materials
    • Exceptional visual
    • Engaging, impactful presentations

Our clients have included state and federal agencies, energy and related consulting firms, national private companies, international manufacturers, non-profit entities, schools and more.

What Makes Energy Intersections Different?

We bring the right expertise to serve a variety of technical and industry needs, including:

  • Energy efficiency in residential, commercial, utility, industrial and transportation settings
  • Renewable and alternative energy
    • large and small scale electricity generation: solar PV, solar thermal, wind, geothermal, biomass, waste-to-energy,and hydro
    • heating and cooling: district systems, solar thermal, geothermal heat pumps, waste-to-energy, and biomass, including CHP
    • transportation: electric, natural gas, and fuel cell
  • Identification of efficiency and alternative technology opportunities to reduce risk and improve financials for traditional oil and gas and utility operations, including rural electric associations

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