Renewable energy everywhere!

Mountian Muse Communications was the featured business sponsor of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society‘s most recent meeting on May 28th. We enjoyed being introduced to the crowd before hearing about how the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) will help Colorado. Jeff Lyng of the Governor’s Energy Office here in Colorado did an excellent job of spelling out what money will be coming to the state from the Recovery Act, and potential for much much more money from the act in the form of block grants and community grants. He was very knowledgable about the entire act and made the topic fun and interesting to listen to. Thank you to Jeff for a great talk!

On Monday Mountain Muse was present at CORE‘s distinguished speaker series to hear the CEO of PAETEC talk about their plans to get renewable energy moving.   Arunas Chesonis talked about PAETEC’s work with MIT to get all kinds of different projects off of the ground to the point of looking at prototypes. They are funding the first gap in the financial world of idea to prototype, where most financial institutions typically won’t go. Mr. Chesonis emphasized that storage is the major hurdle in getting renewable energy to be a major player in the energy sector, so that it can provide base-load power. Along with the start up funding PaeTec is looking to sell energy to their customers to save them money and give them a chance to fund energy producing equipment (solar PV, wind, etc.). The energy side of things was summed up by Arunas as be good to the environment, have fun and make money. Thanks to CORE for continuing to bring quality programs and chances to network.

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