What’s for Dinner? Why a strategy for your business can improve your day!

We’ve all been there: staring into the fridge, wasting energy as you attempt to formulate an image of food on a plate. Your stance was triggered by that interminable question, “What’s for dinner?” and today, the stars have aligned to compel you to answer.

Have you ever wondered: “What brought me to this conundrum?” The simple reason you don’t have a clue about dinner (again) is that you don’t have a plan.

Meal Planning: A Strategy for the Future

In your business, there is always a do-or-die task in front of you. You probably feel that you always know what “needs” to be done next. But, running your business that way is the equivalent of scrounging the fridge for a half-eaten can of refried beans and a sad tomato: you get what you get. It might make a decent burrito, but is that what you wanted?

If you wanted to grill tonight and have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, you needed to plan. For example, on Sunday check your schedule for “cooking nights” and “instant dinners.” Check the weather if you plan to grill. Make a list of meals, a grocery list, and go to the store.

Voilà! You have a one-week strategic plan for your meals. Yes, you’ve taken a couple of hours out of your weekend, but trust me: your week will go beautifully.

Change Your View: A Strategy for Your Business

For many small businesses, it’s hard to stop and look up—let alone look ahead. But, to craft your business into what you want, rather than what you get, you have to look ahead. It’s also easy to say that business strategy is for the “big guys.” But, if “getting your head out of fridge” can smooth out your week, imagine where a business strategy could get you!

Steps comparable to meal planning—deciding what you want, what options fit the schedule and budget, identifying what you need, and then getting those “ingredients”—can dramatically change the focus of your business. Suddenly, you know what to do to get you through the day and further your goals for that year.

If you want to do more looking ahead, I encourage you to check out the Small Business Week Forum on Saturday, May 21st (http://www.milehighbiz.org/smallbusinessweek), where you will find lots of friendly experts to help you build your business strategy.

To help you stay grounded, we’ll talk about ways to tie your business mission to the tasks you perform everyday in the next post.

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